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Optimize Identity Governance and Administration

to reduce risk and facilitate compliance

As organizations grow, it becomes increasingly complex to track and demonstrate who has access to what and to maintain control over various issues, such as:

  • The diversity and inconsistency of access data for users of various IT applications
  • The multiple functions for a single user
  • The perpetual changes in roles and responsibilities

Companies struggle to find the perfect balance between a protected environment and granting the necessary access rights and privileges to enable staff to work productively.

The RAC/M Identity solution helps companies better understand the relationship between users and the information resources granted to them, thus enabling them to work toward more effective identity and access management, including management of any physical assets entrusted to users (access cards, telephones, tools, etc.).

In addition to facilitating and optimizing identity management of various resources within the company, the RAC/M Identity solution also allows an organization to effectively demonstrate control over access to critical information assets, as required by the various normative frameworks to which the company must comply (SOX, PCI, NERC, HIPAA, etc.).

A different approach, focusing on access governance

RAC/M Identity differs from traditional identity management suites by prioritizing governance processes rather than proceeding directly to automated provisioning. In fact, organizations are often unable to validate which account belongs to which user and therefore cannot effectively automate user provisioning (creation, modification, removal of accounts).

The solution offers the establishment of a clear mechanism, customized to the organization’s real needs, and provides processes enabling the company to:

  1. Understand the organization’s access right structure
  2. Gradually define access needs
  3. Automate requests and implement controls, while establishing end-to-end traceability
Flexible and non-intrusive

Flexible and non-intrusive

RAC/M Identity centralizes and formalizes the access management process by easily adapting to each company’s organizational context and by integrating with existing systems and business processes. Data collection is done in a unidirectional manner (read only), eliminating risk related to the reliability, availability and performance of the organization’s systems.

Swift and compelling results

Swift and
compelling results

The initial cleaning of existing data and the creation of an access repository initiate a transformation that will enhance the organization’s maturity level and make access management practices more effective. The initial process can be accomplished in a few days; therefore, the organization can quickly begin to benefit from the solution.

Risk reduction

Risk reduction

By identifying and eliminating unnecessary accounts, identifying over-privileged accounts and conducting periodic reconciliations with HR and targeted systems, RAC/M Identity enhances the security posture by better controlling access to critical information. Poor identity and access management exposes an organization to significant risk with regard to the protection of data, and loss of control may result in damages, which can be difficult and costly to address.





Determine who has access to what and establish an access model



Formalize access rights review and compliance processes



Optimize request, grant and revoke with self-service and workflows



Optimize further – automate addition, modification and removal

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